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Giant Springs Heritage State Park


Along the Missouri river in a sleepy little town lies the world’s shortest river. Within Great Falls, Montana is a quaint and beautiful area known simply as Giant Springs to the locals. It is a photograph waiting to happen at every angle. The shortest river in the world runs into this sparkling, ominous pool of life in motion. It is a youthful moment as you cheer on a beaver, or watch tiny little creatures clamor around this multi colored rock formations reflecting back from the pools. A bridge offers up even a different view between water’s edges and rolling green park hills where families wander with their picnic goodies. Where you stand at this moment you will notice almost any activity is possible here. Fishing on the Missouri river is known to pull in some typical hauls, yet some strange ones too. The Missouri river is known for the hard- to- get sturgeon; as once even Jacques Cousteau tried. If you would rather just feed or watch fish, then the fish hatchery at the side entrance of Giant Springs Park welcomes you. Some of these fish have homed here for a long time, with their size and swiftness to grab a bite all in check. Giant Springs offers up some great history and information on both the park and the hatchery.
Perhaps you wish to bike or hike the area, this is optional use of Giant Springs. You will see many people biking and walking the numerous trails available. Pet owners love to let their dogs run the trails here. If you wish just to walk the ponds and picnic, there are some amazing picnic areas located right above the little ponds. gspark
Probably the most difficult thing about Giant Springs Park and Hatchery is finding it. Although Great Falls Montana isn’t a big town, unless you’re a local you won’t know the easy shortcuts to the park. Great Falls can be a confusing little town to navigate. Both roads leading into this thriving windy city will put you on 10th Ave. South. At the crossroad of 10th Ave. South and 32nd St. you will want to trek on down 32nd St. until you meet River Road. Take a right at this point. There will be a green sign to help you along the riverbank drive. This is the local’s directions. If you happen to go in the opposite direction and cross Smelter Avenue, it will throw you a left leading to a wonderful and fun duck pond called Gibson Park. This is an advisable ending to your time at Giant Springs Park. People love this enduring pond of geese, swans and ducks that walk right up to you for a treat. There is also music, food, sports, and activities happening here. The two parks experienced, make for a great memory of the Great Falls area. Families will talk for a long time after of their day.