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fish creek

Fish Creek State Park

Fish Creek Camping
Fish Creek Camping

From the Williams Peak lookout you can see clearly the amazing crystal clear blue pools of fish creek. This is a 5603 acre state park full of wildlife, picturesque scenery and an unbelievable amount of places to explore. This newer park is now considered to become the second largest State Park in Western Montana with Eastern Montana boasting of Makoshika State Park near Glendive as the biggest. Fish Creek State Park sits on a 41,000 acre parcel received from the U.S Forest Service and Plum Creek Timber Company as part of the Montana Legacy Project.
This mesmerizing area is popular with the fishing anglers and has a small existing campground. There are undesignated camping spots as well for the brave of heart. Located near Alberton, Fish Creek empties into the lower Clark Fork River. This is the native spawning habitat for cutthroat trout and bull trout. Fishing is just one of the many recreational activities here. The Alberton Gorge is famous for white water rafting. These rapids are famously known for its class III/IV white waters. The State park has been gradually opening up more opportunities for different recreational activities year round. In process is a new large, recreational vehicle park and plans of creating a hut-to-hut back country network. New trails have been opened up for motorized and non-motorized use. The park is so large; just about any recreational activity is available.fish2
Hiking in this park will put even the best to the test. Old growth forage and common black bears (even a grizzly) will put you in the center of a true Montana wilderness. Wildlife is in abundance and caution should be used when hiking uncharted areas. Aside from the relaxing moments of picnicking, seasonal gems pop up like huckleberry picking in late July. If the summer is not for you then Fish Creek State Park has plenty of winter activities. Snowshoeing, and cross country skiing just being a couple ideas.
Fish Creek State Park is in the infancy stages of development. Expansion of this pristine wilderness is in the works to include more outdoor recreation opportunities. Until then, come enjoy the existing amenities, and create your own personal adventure.
This park is open year round. A fire is not permitted, nor is smoking unless it is in your vehicle or a specifically designated area. Check the fire hazard signs, as Montana can be unusually dry during the summer seasons. Be sure to obtain the proper permits before questing off to the Fish Creek State Park wilderness.
Fish Creek State Park can be accessed by taking Interstate 90 towards Alberton to exit 66, turn South, then West on Fish Creek Road. The park is located 9 miles West of Alberton.